About Us

LaFond Medellin is the premier t-shirt company of Medellin Colombia. It was started in 2017 by Los Angeles designer, photographer and music producer Rob LaFond who fell in love with the city and it’s vitality. The company is unique in that it represents the styles, changing, and modern vibe that is currently happening in Medellin. “There is a changing perspective that is happening in this city and tons of energy and growth. It’s vibrancy is drawing lots of new people and ideas and that’s what I want the brand to represent” says LaFond. 

MADE IN COLOMBIA - This very important to the company and story of the brand. LAFOND MEDELLIN is working with a foundation named Mujer Talento  which helps empower women from vulnerable populations and offers education, skills, and training to help provide jobs in clothing manufacturing and design. 

LaFond started the brand slowly in 2017 with just a few designs sold at the very popular Café Revolución and the brand grew became a rapid success. 

LAFOND’S special flower design made for Medellin’s famous Feria De Flores (flower festival) has grown popular and can be found on tank tops, tote bags, and t-shirts around the city. The brand will also be coming out with it’s yearly new and fresh designs THIS December just in time for some great holiday gifts. 

And if you are at any street corner of the city long enough, you just might see someone walk by with one of the ever popular LAFOND MEDELLIN designs. Look around yourself right now and you just might see one.

Rob LaFond