Mochillas Wayúu

This is an original Colombian hand made craft and each one is unique. There are no copies or reproductions of the exact same one.

The wayúu is an indigenous tribe located in the north of Colombia, who are in charge of making bags with traditional techniques of their ancestors. They are made of coral thread, a thread that has very special characteristics and various colors.

The Wayúu are characterized by not having exactly the same bags, since each one is made by different families that are inspired only by their feelings. For example, when they feel happy they weave with striking colors to the eye and instead when they are not, they weave with darker tones.

The bags are woven in separate pieces, that is to say, first normally a woman from the tribe weaves the base, then the man is in charge of weaving the gauze also called (fajon or chumbe) and finally the man is in charge of gluing it to the base.

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